Many people (friends & family) asked me this question: "eh, what are you studying now ah / what course are you in now ah??"

"BSc Geophysics..."

"ha?? geo- what??? "

"err.. geophysics la.. geology + physics.. one of geosciences.. "

"oh....... what you do after u graduate ah??"

"hmm.. a lot worh............."

I faced a lot of similar conversations above.. I may not be able to choose my main focus in geophysics now, but i am certain that im sticking with this career/course..

here are a few sites for references on what a geophysicist does, salary, what he learns, etc etc etc..

Geophysics is actually not very popular among malaysians.. the most they will go is Geology (malaysia still got a lot of oil mah..) In malaysia, there are only 2 universities providing this course (to my knowledge)
1. Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)
2. Curtin University, Sarawak Campus

it seems like there is not much hope for Geophysicists in Malaysia =( but this will not stop me from going after this career.. =D

 you can visit for other courses to find out which university/college in malaysia offers that particular course.. link -

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Canon Rock Piano for Wedding!

bumped into this video while surfing. man... we've heard Pachabel's Canon in D, the classic Canon, canon Rock, canon wedding version, canon with the bells thingy, etc etc now comes Canon Rock Version for Wedding! it seriously aint the same with the previous 'wedding versions'.. this piece is a mixture of the wedding version + the rock version.. man this guy is good! he (or the owner of the score) is kind enough to share the piano score for this piece!! click here for the website sharing this piece, or download the pdf file! enjoy!

(i do not own any of the external links above)

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Namewee - we are nothing

Namewee has produced a new song! finally!!!

this time, he did not insert any foul words into the lyrics, but this doesnt mean this song he wrote is not for scolding people.. this song is not directed to any personnel, but to every human being in this world.. our mother earth is sick.. disasters are happening everywhere.. save our earth, before it becomes worse..

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